Friday, October 30, 2009

Thing #7

I have followed a few blogs for a few months now and I really haven't given any thought about commenting until now. I realize now that it is important to leave comments so that the blogger knows that people are actually reading their posts. It is also important to the whole concept of the web being "alive" in the fact that it allows people to constantly comment and respond to various topics. I will definitely start leaving more comments as I continue to follow blogs.

Reflexive blog--Thing #6

I am following a blog about cross-cultural ministry and I saw an interesting post today. It was titled "50% of Today's Pastors will not retire as Pastors". I thought that it was an odd title so I read the article and it was interesting to see how the concept of ministry and even the concept of "pastor" has seemed to change so much over the past few years. As I read further, I agree with the idea that our concept of pastor is far too limited. When we think of pastors we tend to only think about our local churches. However, many people use their pastoral gifts in different locations and ministries.

Reflective Post-thing #5

Wow....I love google reader! I love how what I really want can be delivered straight to me instead of me searching the web.

On one of the Spanish Education blogs that I follow I read a blog about the phrase "me entiendes" and how it offends native spanish speakers. I was very interested in the article and was shocked to learn about how native speakers view this phrase. It literally means "Do you understand me", which is generally not taken offensively in English. However, the phrase "me explico" is said to be a better phrase since it askes if the speaker is explaining well enough to be understood.

Check out the full article:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thing 4-blogs

As I read the various blogs I was reminded of how social our society has become online. I think one of the things that makes blogs special is that people feel the freedom to share their personal thoughts and opinions about almost everything. I think one thing that people must remember when reading blogs is that blogs are primarily peoples feelings and thoughts and not always a reliable source for information. So when we read blogs I think that we should be aware of who is writing it and their level of knowledge of expertise in a certain area. Also, when we write blogs we should make it clear when we have reliable information and when what we are writing is pure opinion. In my opinion blogging is a good way to have students open up and begin to share their feelings. It also helps students as they begin to learn the writing process and as they learn to express themselves through writing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 2

I viewed all of the videos about the learning curve and all the new ways to keep students engaged and using technology. I am pretty young so I guess I understand them pretty well and I see the definate benefits of using Web 2.0 tools in my classroom.

I teach upper level Spanish and I would love to incorporate blogging into my curriculumn as well as creating comic strips in my lower level classes. I believe that if we present our content in a relevant manner to the students that they will truely learn. Until then they will merely regurgitate information that to them holds no meaning.

Thing 1

I love this course! This is my first year with Mesquite ISD and I tried doing blogs and other technological things with my students at my old school but I could never get any help.

I think that the most challenging habit for me will be "play". I am constantly doing a million things and I never have time to just play or explore. I know that if I had more time to explore then I would learn more and be able to incorporate more fun into my classroom as well.

I think that the other habits will be pretty easy. I already employ most of those habits. I usually keep my goals written down so that I know where I am headed. I am also very much a self-taught learner and I work with technology on a daily basis. I have already created blogs and have a facebook page. =)

I think the most important habit is to set aside time to play and explore the new things that I am learning in this course.