Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thing 4-blogs

As I read the various blogs I was reminded of how social our society has become online. I think one of the things that makes blogs special is that people feel the freedom to share their personal thoughts and opinions about almost everything. I think one thing that people must remember when reading blogs is that blogs are primarily peoples feelings and thoughts and not always a reliable source for information. So when we read blogs I think that we should be aware of who is writing it and their level of knowledge of expertise in a certain area. Also, when we write blogs we should make it clear when we have reliable information and when what we are writing is pure opinion. In my opinion blogging is a good way to have students open up and begin to share their feelings. It also helps students as they begin to learn the writing process and as they learn to express themselves through writing.

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  1. The thing I love about blogs is that the author can link you to the source of information that has helped him come to the conclusion he has in his post. I can easily click through and read what he has been reading that influenced his thinking on the topic.