Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 1

I love this course! This is my first year with Mesquite ISD and I tried doing blogs and other technological things with my students at my old school but I could never get any help.

I think that the most challenging habit for me will be "play". I am constantly doing a million things and I never have time to just play or explore. I know that if I had more time to explore then I would learn more and be able to incorporate more fun into my classroom as well.

I think that the other habits will be pretty easy. I already employ most of those habits. I usually keep my goals written down so that I know where I am headed. I am also very much a self-taught learner and I work with technology on a daily basis. I have already created blogs and have a facebook page. =)

I think the most important habit is to set aside time to play and explore the new things that I am learning in this course.

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