Monday, November 9, 2009

Thing #17--Podcasting

I looked at the techpod site and also at coffee break spanish which is a podcast for learning spanish. I really enjoy podcasts and have used them in class to help students here authentic spanish. I especially use them for upper level spanish because it helps them to here various dialects of spoken spanish. I mainly use itunes to find podcasts because I have itunes already on my computer and I already have subscriptions to a few of the spanish podcasts. It is easier to search in itunes because I think that the content is better. Like I said earlier, I already use podcasts in the classroom to help the students with their listening. I am going to have my upper level students create a podcast at the end of the year that is about their favorite author. They will read a short selection of their work and discuss the work in Spanish. I am also considering having them create a video podcast as well.

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  1. I think Spanish and podcasts are a natural fit. Podcasts could be used any number of ways in your subject area.