Monday, November 9, 2009

Thing #21--google apps

I played around with the different applications but my favorites where:

1. google calendar--I think this tool is helpful at least in my personal life to help me keep track of all the craziness! Also I see it as being a useful tool for a department because it would be easy to see when the department has meetings and also to see when the spanish 1 team meets. I like that you can personalize the calendar and even add clocks that show times around the world.

2. Google books--Wow! What a resource for my students! I really like this site because it allows everyone to access all kinds of literature. This is great for my upper level students but I think also helpful for those students in my lower level classes that want to do more. I could give them this site and they could read and look up lower-level books in Spanish or even translations just to get a taste of Spanish literature.

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