Monday, November 9, 2009

Thing #18--Youtube & Teachertube

My videos:
1. Two videos related to my content:
  • I found a video that included spoken poetry by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer. I really liked that video had the poetry spoken, included the poetry written and also included pictures that helped the listener to better understand the poetry.
  • I also found a video that showed the indigenous music/dances of the Kunas of the Caribbean. They are an indigenous tribe that live on an island off the coast of Panama. I plan to show this video in class so that the students can see the dances.
2. Video that teaches "how to do" something
  • I found a video on how to make a Tres leches cake. This is a traditional hispanic desert that is often prepared in Mexico. The video was in Spanish and it was simple and easy to follow. I might consider using it when my students learn commands in Spanish.
3. Video for fun
  • I love watching music videos on youtube. My favorite singer is Marcela Gandara and I love to listen to her music!
4. Video from TeacherTube
  • I found a video created by students that covers the chapter that my Span 2 kids just finished. I think it is really neat and I think I'm going to let them see it so that they can be challenged! I embedded the video for everyone to see!

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