Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thing #8--Wikis

I actually just attending a pull out session about Wikis and was glad to get more info on them. I am definitely going to create a Wiki for my Spanish 2 class so that teachers and parents can follow what is going on in the classroom.

The three wikis I looked at:

1. Grazing for digital natives--I really like that she has a column of workshop resources that are full of good info. I found some stuff about podcasting on this site that was helpful.

2. Westwood Schools Computer class--I like the layout of this wiki. It is student and parent friendly w/an events calendar and also a class calendar per class. I would like to incorporate this onto my wiki so that parents can keep track of tests and projects.

3. Math 12V--I like that this site is used by the professor to impart notes and instruction to the students but I also like that the students are responsible to submit questions and review material as well. That way both the student and the teacher are engaging in the wiki.

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