Monday, November 9, 2009

Thing #22--facebook

I have both a myspace and a facebook account already. I really like Facebook because I think it is a lot cleaner and most of my friends have a facebook page.

1. I think it is important for educators to know about social networking because students live in this new world. It is a part of the youth culture and if we don't understand it then we won't understand them.

2. I think the biggest insight that can be gained is about the youth culture. I am young but to me the high school students have a totally different culture then the one that was around a few years ago. Students not only have pressure at school but now there is the pressure of social networkings and a whole new playing field for bullies and predators. Students have to be savvy in the real and "online" world.

3. I really do like Facebook because it's easy to find old friends and easy to keep up your profile. I don't like MySpace because to me it's really trashy. In fact I would call it the ghetto Facebook.

4. I think that Facebook has more useful features because the networking to me is better and easier to use. I also like all of the applications. My pictures from flickr are also directed linked to my facebook page so that I don't have to upload them to multiple sites.

5.I honestly don't see an educational use to these sites. I don't think students should be that close to educators. My former students often look up my page after they graduate and then I accept them as friends but I don't think that educators should be friends with students.

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